Monday, May 25, 2015

The New Artfire How Do I Use It?

First, I would like to say, I think its a shame that I even have to write the post.  But, the site is such a mess, I feel I need to let all my clients know how to work the artfire site. As, many of you know, artfire overhalled the entire site, making a huge mess.  First you will not see a banner, I am not sure it ever will be allowed.  Second, the images are just huge, and there are no more pages.  The contact seller button does now work, as before.  The sections were I have "love spells", "revenge spells" and all the other categories, are now called "catalog".  There is a tiny little eyeglass at the top right click it and you can search.  And honestly, thats is more than likely you best bet to find anything.

When you look at the store, at the bottom there is a load more button, click it and it will show more items.  The problem is if there are alot of items it seems thats all you do is click "load more:The categories, (catalog) is at the top left and also really small, click catalog and then you will get the list of categories.  It does disappear after you click on a section, honestly your best bet is just to search.

You will find my avatar pic and reviews at the very bottom left of the page. Now, the listings themselves, if you follow a link or find a item on google and go to a item.  There is one item on the page, no similar items no categories only the item.  So, please do not think there is only one item listed.  Because, that is what it looks like, if you are view a item, and want to see more you can go to my website at

 Or from the item page on artfire, at the top right of the page, again really tiny, there is a home button, you can click it and go to the homepage of my store.  So, the images are huge and the navagation is tiny..

I have had some ask if my store is still there on artfire, and the answer is Yes it is.  But, there are some things I have removed and they are all on my website.  And honestly my website is very easy to use, in compairsion to the new artfire.  Many of you know I run sales often, the website is already set to 30% off all the time, the prices are the same as 30% off on artfire   If you use the coupon code MAGICK you will receive another 20% off, making the website always 50% off.


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