Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 21 2012 Direct Coven Custom Casting

I do still have some spots open for casting on December 21, 2012.

Click here to reserve your spot

This is for a custom spell, anything you wish. It can be love, revenge, protection, vampire. Anything you wish, from any spell in my booth, or artfire studio it will be customized just for you.

This spell will be cast on December 21, 2012 the winter solstice and the galactic alignment. The winter solstice is a special time, and our coven will be ushering in the time of light. Be a part of this years event, we have set aside a time for this ritual and casting. There are only a few hours available for this casting. The casting for that night will be for three hours on a high mountain top.

Because of this special night, you will ensure your destiny after 2012. 

Please send your information by leaving a message to the seller in checkout, this is the easiest and fastest way for me to get your information. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

USPS Beyond Broken

Just once I would like to be able to write about a good thing regarding USPS.   But today is not that day, in the past month, I have been reading hundreds of complaints online about the poor service from USPS.   So, it is time for me to share my story.  

Remember the days when you had a regular mailman?  Or when they picked up your mail, without filing complaints, or when they really delivered your mail?  To say the system is broken is a understatment.  It is beyond broken, there was a time when unions were needed, now they just allow lazy workers to do as they please.  My story is a fine example of the postal service, and just how unless it has become.

For a period of three months, my local post office has gotten worse.  I now call and tell them, I want to file my 2nd or third complaint each week.   I ship hundreds of items each week to customers, and use USPS.  In the begining, I did not set up pick ups, I just set my packages out on the porch, and the mail person would pick them up.  I order boxes from usps, and send everything priority mail.   Setting the boxes outside worked for a while, until the mail person, thought it was way to much work to pick them up, even thought they park 10 feet from by door. 

So, after many days that they were not picked up, I called my local post office and was told, "its not our job to pick up mail, unless you set up a pick up".  So, I began setting up pick ups each day, this worked ok for a few weeks, then the site would not let me set them up.  It was broken and did not work.  So, finally after a few weeks of trying I set up pick ups three months in advance.  One each day for three months.  

To say this did not work seems redundant now.  But it didn't and still is not.  Some days they do not even show up at all, some days, they come, leave one piece of mail, and take nothing.  Some days they show up two times, because they forgot to leave my mail?  And many times, I am expecting a package, and its not here, so last week this happened again, it about the 20th time this has happened.  So, I asked the mailman, do you have my package, online the tracking says its out for delivery, his response was unbelieveable,  The mailman told me, its not in his truck, it could be in someone elses, he went on to tell me, yesterday he had 6 packages, that did not belong on his truck.  So he drove around with them and they were delivered in a few days,by someone else.  So, not only can they not pick up mail, they cant even seem to deliver it.

 Each time there is a problem, I call and file yet another unless complaint.  After the complaint is filed, they are perfect for about two days, then its back to the same old same old again.  

Last week alone, two days they did not show up, and one the third day the mail person came scanned by box, it has a bar code on it, so they can prove they were here.  Left one piece of mail, and did not take any of the 15 packages I had for pick up.  The mail lady, went to the trouble of taking outgoing packages out of my box, and puting them on the porch with the larger boxes, scanning my box and then left.  I found her two streets over, and asked her why she did not take my boxes, she said, sorry I am lost?  

Lost?  She was so lost that she was at my porch, and did not see 15, twelve by twelve boxes right under my mailbox?   Each day there is a different carrier, and each time this happens I am assured by the supervior this will not happen again, but it does it always does. I have even written the govenor, to let him know about the situation.  Nothing chages, but today it will, I will be using ups, I am sure they want my money, just the same as USPS.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ebay Removing Haunted Beads Jewelry And Dolls

As of yesterday, ebay began the removal of haunted psychic jewelry beads and dolls.  We all knew this was coming,  once the spells and readings were removed, the beads, jewelry and dolls would be next.  I have just begun to add the beads and dolls in my artfire studio.  I do hope to have them all back online by next week sometime.  

This is only one bead, I have about 6 online now, but will be adding more each day.  Please be sure to check often or if there is a haunted bead I dont have up yet, please contact me through my artfire stuido and I will be more than happy to get it listed for you.   

Monday, August 20, 2012

Is there Anything Left On Ebay?

There has been many changes over the years to the online market ebay.  My parents once bought there, maybe yours did to?   I can remember a time, when anything you could ever want or need, could be bought on ebay and delivered to your front door.  My parents bought everything on ebay, frozen meat,cannned vegtables, coffee, coffee cream,clothes,shoes, household items really everything.

We had steak from Nebraska, sausage from New York, and clothing from California.  E books, recipes, halloween costumes, and every kind of electronics ever made.   Every day was like Christmas, new packages every day.  Whatever you could think of, you could get it on ebay.  

But what a difference a decade makes!  With everything that has been banned, prohibited or simply not allowed, many things will never be found again.  What began as one big flea market, has turned into a site, no one really knows anymore.   There was a time, not to long ago, when you never needed to leave home, just shop on ebay.

The growth of the site was unbelievable, below is a chart showing the growth of each catagory, for the years between 2008 and 2010.  The years before this, we also really good for growth of the site.  In the early days, there were so many sellers, that ebay could treat them as badly as they wanted, and 10 more sellers would take the place of one. 

Jan 26, 2008
April 2, 2010
Business & Industrial
Cameras & Photo
Cell Phones & Accessories
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories  
Coins & Paper Money
Computers &    Networking
Consumer    Electronics(Now Electronics)
Dolls & Bears
DVDs & Movies
Entertainment    Memorabilia
Gift Certificates
Health & Beauty
Home & Garden
Jewelry & Watches
Pet Supplies(Added as Top-Level Category in 6/09)
Pottery & Glass
Real Estate
Specialty Sevices
Sporting Goods
Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop
Toys & Hobbies
Everything Else

It was just a couple weeks ago, I learned the catagory I sold in would be eliminated, and everything I sell prohibited.  The banning of spells, readings, haunted items, will take effect the first week in September.  These items are only added to the growing list of things you cannot sell on ebay.  

So, my parents can't buy Steak from Nebraska anymore, or sausage from New York, or much of anything unless its clothing, shoes, or maybe some used panties for the pervert neighbor.   Or how about a dildo?  For grandma?  If you guessed you can not buy dildos, you would guess wrong.  Dildo's are allowed, and so are someones dirty underwear.   Or the face of jesus in a piece of toast?  yes thats just fine, list it and sell it.   And even some dirty socks for the person with the foot fetish. 

Now, this is where the story gets even better, when I was fist informed I could no longer sell spells, readings on ebay, the customer service rep, tells me the reason is that ebay wants to change its image!  This has to be a joke right?  He tells me, "we do not want to be a flea market anyone"  Really, then what is the new image, a porn shop for perverts? 

So, if you want to know how to make or do anything, its not allowed, not even grandma's cake recipe, but you can buy a pink dildo.   So, I can't sell you a spell or psychic reading on ebay after September 2012, but I can sell you someones dirty underwear for you pleasure.  

In the mist of the craziness, are the rules for top rated sellers, if you want to be a top rated seller, you have to accept refunds, and thats ok, because when someone returns the new panties they just bought, after they wore them, you can just resell them! 

And you must have a one day handling time, thats right, even if you live 30 miles from the closest ups drop off, it does not matter, 1 day.  

Forgive me for the tone of this post, but to me, it makes no sense whatsoever.   What kind of logic allows for the sale of dirty socks and underwear, and prohibits spells and readings?  Ebay is claiming, there is no way to verify if a spell was cast or not.  But, how does ebay know the underwear sold were really dirty, like the seller promised? 

Below is a list of banned and prohibited or restricted items on ebay.  You will notice "used clothing", this is a restricted item, because it has to be sold in the "adult section of ebay", thats right they have a special place for your dirty underwear, and its ok, no problem.

Some of the items on the list, are a no brainer, like drugs, wine, etc.  But some are just unbelievable.   And now you can add, spells, readings, psychic,haunted dolls, potions, most all of anything that deals with magic.  But you can still get a astrology reading, do figure? 

In five years I do wonder if anything will be left there you can really sell?  

Airline and Transit Related Items
Alcohol (also see Wine)
Animals and Wildlife Products
Anti-circumvention Policy
Authenticity Disclaimers
Autographed Items
Beta Software
Bootleg Recordings
Brand Name Misuse
Catalog Sales
Catalytic Converters and Test Pipes
Celebrity Material
Charity or Fundraising Listings
Comparison Policy
Compilation and Informational Media
Contracts and Tickets
Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
Counterfeit Items
Credit Cards
Downloadable Media
Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
Electronics Equipment
Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries
Encouraging Infringement Policy
Event Tickets
Faces, Names and Signatures
Firearms, Ammunition, Replicas, and Militaria
Freon and Other Refrigerants
Gift Cards
Government IDs and Licenses
Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items
Human Parts and Remains
Importation of Goods into the United States
International Trading – Buyers
International Trading – Sellers
Lockpicking Devices
Lottery Tickets
Mailing Lists and Personal Information
Manufacturers’ Coupons
Mature Audiences
Medical Devices
Misleading Titles
Mod Chips, Game Enhancers, and Boot Discs
Movie Prints
Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix Programs
OEM Software
Offensive Material
Plants and Seeds
Police-Related Items
Political Memorabilia
Postage Meters
Pre-Sale Listings
Prescription Drugs and Devices
Promotional Items
Real Estate
Recalled Items
Recordable Media
Replica and Counterfeit Items
Satellite and Cable TV Descramblers
Slot Machines
Stocks and Other Securities
Stolen Property
Surveillance Equipment
Unauthorized Copies
Used Clothing
Weapons & Knives
Wine (also see Alcohol)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Burned At The Stake The Ebay Witch Trials.......

Does anyone else feel like this?  I sure do, ebay as of September 2012, is banning the sale of spells, and psychic readings, and many other meta items on ebay.  I do wish I knew how this all started, but I don't so we can only guess.  Each time I talk to ebay I get a different story, so who even knows anymore.  They claim, they are trying to rebuild their reputation.  Since when did ebay become a site for the right wing of the republican party? 

Many of us, make our living helping others, its what we do.  Now, ebay has branded us, and I am not saying their are not bad sellers out there, but to ban all sellers for what they sell is going a little to far.  Are we being burned at the stake, for being witches, I would say, yes we are.  The good sellers are being treated as though we are not any different than the bad ones.   This seems to be a attack on us, as we cannot get a straight answer as to what we can and cannot sell.  

I know its ebays sandbox, but does that make discrimination ok?  Why are we being singled out?  I am sure they would say, there is alot of fraud and complaints.  Well what about sellers with no complaints, power sellers, top rated sellers?  Why are they being burned with the other fake witches?   It seems to ebay we are all the same.   We believe we cannot mention, words like blessing, prayers, spirits?  For many of us this is a religion, so are they banning Catholics? Or mormons?  No, not all at, just the witches......If you disagree with this new policy, PLEASE CONTACT EBAY AND TELL THEM TO ALLOW US TO CONTINUE TO HELP OTHERS ON EBAY.  THE LINK BELOW IS TO CONTACT THEM....

Ebay Banning Sale Of Spells Tarot & Psychic Readings.

As many of you know ebay will be banning the sale of spells, tarot and psychic readings as of September 10th 2012.  After talking to ebay 6 times in the past few days, I really don't think the right hand knows what the left is doing.  First I would like to talk about the metaphysical sellers, I am sure ebay has no idea, how this field works. 

I love selling on ebay, and do NOT want to leave, and most all other sellers feel this way to.  Our buyers don't want us to leave.  Over the past few days, I have received messages via facebook, twitter, and my personal email, and ebay messages, from buyers who are angry!   Our clients are very different from your average ebay user who, buys clothing.  What I mean by this is the honest sellers work very closely with our clients. 

For one thing all of my and most others, clients information is completely confidental.  They will tell us their situation, and we help them in purchasing what they need to achieve what they want. In some cases, it becomes a long term realtionship,  there really is a lot of counseling and helping others.  We are connected, so to speak to our clients, and work with them on a more personal level than other types of sellers do.  I don't think ebay understands this, and have considered how it will affect the buyers.  I know ebay has done a lot of bad things to sellers, but why punish our clients?

This personal touch  is what our clients want, and what I want to do. A few months ago, ebay insisted that we print shipping labels, I think this is when it started.  In order to keep our top rated sellers status, we had to ship something.   I think this was the first step to get us to change what we sell or leave.

I began to send certificates to all my buyers, needless to say this was a bad idea.  And I told ebay it was a bad idea.  99 percent of my clients, wish to remain "unkown" to their family friends etc.  They DO NOT want anything mailed to them   Many who got my "junk mail", asked me not to send them.   I called ebay and explained that the buyers did not want the junk mail.  They suggested, I print them then, keep them on file and never mail them unless asked to by the client.  So, this is what I did.  The part ebay missed was the buyers want to remain "unkown".  

Now it has come to this, no one is really even sure if we can sell beads, jewelry etc, with words like spell, haunted, psychic.  Regardless, if the buyers do not expect anything in the mail from me, and don't want anything in the  mail, why would they buy a Bead?  The simple answer is they won't.

 I do understand there are alot of frauds, and ebay could have handled this differently.  They chose to throw the baby out with the bathwater, never talking into consideration what the buyers want.  Any seller who gaurentees 24 hour instant results is not being truthful, no on can do that.  So, why did ebay not just ban all the bad sellers?  

I honestly have no idea, I don't think they thought this through before doing it.  Over the past several days, I have had many conversations with ebay.  The customer service reps, can't seem to figure out what the rules are.  They will tell you, you CANNOT use the word SPELL in your listing.  Then the next rep you talk to, will so, "oh yes you can".  I do think they are making this up as they go along, adding new rules when they need to figure out how to handle the mess they have created. 

To me, it would have made more sense to ban, words like INSTANT , 24 HOURS!  And also to ban bad sellers.  Or maybe not offer buyer protection to anyone who buys these things.  I was first told ebay did this, due to a cost effective problem.  That spell casters will costing to much, in refunds under buyer protection.  Ok, so then do away with buyer protection.  Or BAN a seller who has two many cases filed against the,

Then yesterday, i got a whole new story on why this is happening.  I was told by a rep, "we do not want to be seen as a flea market".  I really had no idea, what to say to that except, is that not how ebay started?  Where you could sell whatever someone wants to buy?   Many things people used  to buy on ebay are no longer there.  This is sad, as it is a great place to be, as long as ebay does not throw sellers off, who have done nothing wrong.  

I was also told, "ebay wants to rebuild thier reputation", to me this was just almost laughable.  How can that be done, when you are banning a service buyers want?  You are not only chasing off sellers, but buyers to.  And I am not talking about sellers who are buyers.  These are JUST buyers.

If they leave ebay and follow the sellers, then all of ebay loses, because those who would have bought a pair of shoes, and a few spells, Won't buy that pair of shoes.  I do hope that ebay will reconsider, but I really don't think they will.   

For all those who wish to contact ebay and let them know not to ban spells, etc, here is a link to a suggestion box.  Fill it up!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here are some spells that will be banned on ebay

Here is s list of some spells that will be banned on ebay September 10th 2012.  Ebay will be banning and prohibiting the sale of spells and psychic reads so, I have moved all my spells and readings to artfire.  Below you will find links to many spells, to see all of them go to my artfire studio.

Powerful Cleopatra Spell

Past life Reading

Torture thoughts 24 hours spell

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Rule Changes On Ebay Forcing Sellers Of Metaphysical Spells To Move

Due to the recent changes in ebays policies, many like myself are being forced off of ebay.  The policy changes will effect all who sell spells, readings and potions.  

Ebay is discontinuing the categories below---supposedly because of a high number of complaints.

Discontinued categories:
  • Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Readings
  • Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Spells, Potions
  • Metaphysical: Tarot Readings

I will be moving all of my spells to artfire, due to these changes.  

This is a open letter to my clients"

I am sorry to be sending this message to everyone, but I did want to let everyone know what has happened.  If you are getting this email, you are a client or mine, or were at one time.  You have made a purchase, or several purchases, from my Ebay store.   Just today, I was informed ebay will no longer allow SPELLS, & READINGS to be sold on their site.  This will become effective on Sept. 10.2012.  All sellers of spells,potions,readings, and any other service pertaining to the paranormal or wicca, or magic of any kind, will NO longer be allowed.  I will be able to sell, dolls, beads, and jewelry.  But after August 31, I will not be able to list or sell spells or readings.  My ebay store will remain open for the time being, and at the end of the month, all spells will be cast into, beads, jewelry and dolls.  

 This means the personalized service I have provided, will no longer be able to be continued, as ebay has stated in the new policy, I can sell beads, jewelry and dolls, but not the spell.  So, in order to still be able to help many of you, I am moving all my spells and readings to a new site.  They will still be available on ebay, until the end of the month.  After Sept 1, 2012, you will find no spells or readings being sold by any seller on ebay.  I am not allowed by ebay to put a link in any of my listings, so I am sending it here.  I cannot tell you how saddened this makes me, I do not wish to move, but in order to continue to give everyone personalized service, I have no choice.   There will be little change for you as the client, you may still use paypal, and all of my policies will remain exactly the same.  

The beads and items in my ebay store, after, Sept 1, 2012, will be completly different, and they may work for some of you.  Each item will have a spell attached to it, only the item, will not be for a certain person.  For example, a bead with a bring back lost love, will be just that.  It will NOT include the person you are trying to bring back, if you hold the bead the spell will work for you.  This makes the items less personal, and I know many of you want that type of interaction.   

After Sept. 1, 2012, I will no longer be allowed to email each of you, to let you know I have cast your spell, this is because EBAY has PROHIBITED spells.  So, if you do not wish to have a bead, or jewelry sent to you, you can get the same spells and the same service in my new studio.  The link is below, it is in RED, I am currently moving things, and will have them all moved before the items become prohibited on ebay.

I am very sorry to send this message on a blog, but just due to only having three weeks to get all this done, I had no other way to contact each of you.   I do hope many of you will continue to allow me to help you, if you have any questions or comments, never hesitate to email me....Blessings lilith
You can find my new store at the link below.

 Lilith's Lair Artfire Studio