Friday, August 28, 2020

Common Myths And Questions About Black Magick Spells

It has been a really long time since I posted on the blog, sorry for such a long time away. I have added many new things to the website. So if you haven't visited in a while be sure to check it out.  I wanted to post about some common myths and questions many have about black magick. It is important for everyone who uses it to know the truth, and not to be lead astray by false promises. 


Will A black Magick Spell  Give Me bad Karma Or is there a price I must pay? 
No, It won't give your bad karma I and the coven always cast a protection and cleansing spell with any black magick spell cast free of charge.  There is no price you will or must pay for black magick to work, just remember, it's not like TV.

Are your spells  guaranteed? No one can say one hundred percent that any spell will work, I have a 94% success rate and will do my best to be sure you get the best results.  In the rare case a recast is needed it is always free. 

Will the target know I have had this done?
No I use cloaking to be sure it cannot be tracked to you.

Can A spell makes things worse before they get better?
No, they cannot, this is the same as a spell working backwords, if the spell has not manifested yet, then it cannot make or stop things from happening. 
Can you email me while you are casting?
No, i begin at 10 pm mountain time, and cast all night long, i do not stop casting in the middle and answer or send emails.   It is distracting to the work I am doing, and do not answer emails until the nights casting is finished.   

Is it ok to contact  the target of the spell after the casting is done?
This is not a simple yes or no answer, it depends on the spell.
Most love spells, if you intend to push the target, tell them your feelings, or beg them to come back to you, can make things worse for the spell to manifest.  The harder you push, the more they resist, making manifestation take longer.  For example, if you call them or text them many times a day, or tell them you love them when they have made it plain they do not want to be with you, that is pushing.  Or if you send them messages on social media over and over, that is pushing.  It is best to have no contact at all, if you intend to push the target, pushing only makes the spell work harder to achieve full manifestation If you can talk to them without pushing then it will cause no harm.

How often do my spells work?
94% of the time, they work as planned with no problems

Do I know how a spell is going, or have anything to update weeks or even months after a casting?
The simple answer is no, I do not.  I have no way of knowing how a manifestation is going.   I do not do readings while casting, and I do not do readings weeks later "to see" how things are going.   I depend on "you" the client to watch for signs and keep me informed if I need to help or do anything further.  So, i would not know "whats going on", weeks after a casting.  There are some things I can do, if there is a problem, but once a spell is cast, I do not know what is happening, unless you watch for signs and inform me.

Does the sex of the person matter for beauty or any of the spells?.
No, it does not, all spells can be done on either sex.
Can you turn me into a vampire or werewolf physically?
No, it is not possible to physically transform a person like that. You cannot grow fangs or shapeshift,  Magick does not work like the movies. My vampire werewolf spells do not do that.

Are Spells Instant?   And Are They guaranteed?
No, all take time to manifest the average time is 4 to 5 weeks on all spells. It is my goal to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase.  No spell is guaranteed, I will do my best to be sure it works as planned, but no one can guarantee manifestation.  Recasts are always free, I never charge for recasts or boosts if in the rare case they are needed. My success rate is over 94%, but none are 100% guaranteed.