Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Look Of Artfire And Liliths Lair

Well, its now live.  The new look at artfire started yesterday.  I knew it was going to be bad, but honestly its worse than even I imagined.  I want to say how sorry I am to all my clients, that the new look of my artfire store is so bad.   I had no say and nothing to do with the way it looks or works.  It seems Artfire, has gone the way of ebay, and taking complete control over the sellers.  We cannot fix anything it is what it is, the banner is not changeable, they say it will be in the future, but past "changes" and "promises" from AF staff leaves me little hope.

I also know its really hard to work the contact seller button, which I and almost all of my clients use, is almost unusable.  Its at the very bottom of the page, click on contact seller and you won't see it, after you click on it, scroll all the way to the bottom and its there but really tiny.   UPDATE the contact seller button is now fixed, I just checked.

 For years I have loved Artfire, even sent many sellers there telling them how good it was.  But not now, times have changed.  Even finding something in my store, is almost impossible, there are no pages, just a button that says "more", which leads to a endless loading of a few items at a time.  Its a nightmare, and for that I am so sorry. 

I will keep it open, even thought its terrible, but will be getting rid of a lot of listings, mainly because no one will ever want to weed through "more and more".   It will be switched from my main selling venue to one that has a few items and information on how to get to my website. 

My main selling venue will now be my website, all new items will be add there and bonanza. To me this is sad, because as I said I loved it there.   All the website prices are set to 30% off, the same as my artfire store is.  However there is a coupon code on the website witch will give you a additional 20% off.   So, its like a 50% off sale, the code is MAGICK 

So, please visit my website, and use the coupon code

Blessings Lilith

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