Thursday, October 22, 2020

Vampire Consumed By Love Black Magick Spell

 There is no love stronger, than a vampire love that consumes you, one that never fades, and is eternal. If you want to bring back a lost love, or start a new one, this spell will take over their life, consuming them with love for you. They will burn with desire, and will not be able to live without you. This spell is so strong, that it will change their life, the power of the vampire, will pulse through them, making them feel the heighten love of a vampire. With a vampire everything is felt much stronger than mortals. The person you love, will only feel the heighten love and desire, nothing more. Their love and desire will burn inside of them, like a fire in the soul. They will not be able to resist you, and will love you forever, and want you and only you. It will consume their life, you will become more important than anything or anyone else. This is a ultimate love spell, and only should be done if you are sure you want it.


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