Friday, August 10, 2012

New Rule Changes On Ebay Forcing Sellers Of Metaphysical Spells To Move

Due to the recent changes in ebays policies, many like myself are being forced off of ebay.  The policy changes will effect all who sell spells, readings and potions.  

Ebay is discontinuing the categories below---supposedly because of a high number of complaints.

Discontinued categories:
  • Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Readings
  • Metaphysical: Psychic, Paranormal > Spells, Potions
  • Metaphysical: Tarot Readings

I will be moving all of my spells to artfire, due to these changes.  

This is a open letter to my clients"

I am sorry to be sending this message to everyone, but I did want to let everyone know what has happened.  If you are getting this email, you are a client or mine, or were at one time.  You have made a purchase, or several purchases, from my Ebay store.   Just today, I was informed ebay will no longer allow SPELLS, & READINGS to be sold on their site.  This will become effective on Sept. 10.2012.  All sellers of spells,potions,readings, and any other service pertaining to the paranormal or wicca, or magic of any kind, will NO longer be allowed.  I will be able to sell, dolls, beads, and jewelry.  But after August 31, I will not be able to list or sell spells or readings.  My ebay store will remain open for the time being, and at the end of the month, all spells will be cast into, beads, jewelry and dolls.  

 This means the personalized service I have provided, will no longer be able to be continued, as ebay has stated in the new policy, I can sell beads, jewelry and dolls, but not the spell.  So, in order to still be able to help many of you, I am moving all my spells and readings to a new site.  They will still be available on ebay, until the end of the month.  After Sept 1, 2012, you will find no spells or readings being sold by any seller on ebay.  I am not allowed by ebay to put a link in any of my listings, so I am sending it here.  I cannot tell you how saddened this makes me, I do not wish to move, but in order to continue to give everyone personalized service, I have no choice.   There will be little change for you as the client, you may still use paypal, and all of my policies will remain exactly the same.  

The beads and items in my ebay store, after, Sept 1, 2012, will be completly different, and they may work for some of you.  Each item will have a spell attached to it, only the item, will not be for a certain person.  For example, a bead with a bring back lost love, will be just that.  It will NOT include the person you are trying to bring back, if you hold the bead the spell will work for you.  This makes the items less personal, and I know many of you want that type of interaction.   

After Sept. 1, 2012, I will no longer be allowed to email each of you, to let you know I have cast your spell, this is because EBAY has PROHIBITED spells.  So, if you do not wish to have a bead, or jewelry sent to you, you can get the same spells and the same service in my new studio.  The link is below, it is in RED, I am currently moving things, and will have them all moved before the items become prohibited on ebay.

I am very sorry to send this message on a blog, but just due to only having three weeks to get all this done, I had no other way to contact each of you.   I do hope many of you will continue to allow me to help you, if you have any questions or comments, never hesitate to email me....Blessings lilith
You can find my new store at the link below.

 Lilith's Lair Artfire Studio

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