Friday, August 7, 2026

New Website for Liliths Lair Black Magick Spells Love Money Revenge Vampire

I am letting everyone know I have a new site up and going.  You will find all the same spells as my artfire studio, and even some new ones.  The prices on many items is less than the artfire store.  As of Oct 1, 2014 Artfire is redoing the entire site so if you go there, my store will look different, but it is still my store, not some imposter.  Regardless, please take a look at my new website, its very easy to use, paypal is accepted just like artfire.  I look forward to helping everyone from the new site!  Blessings Lilith

Openings for the Full Blood Moon Oct 8, 2014 Still Available 50 % Everything 
Use Coupon Code - Blood

PLEASE be sure your email address is correct when sending information or when ordering, if it is not I cannot contact you. If this happens and your email is not a good email, I will issue a refund and your spell will not be cast. As I cannot help you if you use a incorrect email address and I cannot contact you.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Liliths Lair Be Sure Its Me If You Get A Message Black Magick Spell Casting

It appears as though someone has stolen and is using one of my logos, and has created a facebook page, going by my stores name Liliths Lair, and my real name,  they are messaging people and asking for money to be sent to them through the mail. I do not accept payments by mail, at all and never have. If you get a message from anyone who says they are me, or someone who works for me, and it is asking for money, to be mailed to them, or sent any other way, other than checkout on my websites, know that is not me, or anyone who works for me. This person is using my photos, to fool people into thinking it is me.  Do not send them anything, I do not ask for money in any messages, email or in any other form of communication. 
 I always direct people to my website for any and all items. Everyone must go through checkout, to purchase anything period.  It has always been this way, and always will.  The only pages I use are listed on the front page of my website.   If you get any of these messages. Go to my website store  and use the following link to my real pages. That is how you can tell it is not me, if you get a message like that from anyone who is not me, please report it. They are different emails, that are not mine.This person, also belongs to some of the same facebook groups that I do, so again, if you get a message from them, please report it.